Report of the Theosophical Society in Ireland 2019-20

Thankfully we have had a very successful and harmonious Meetings until we had to halt the Programme due to Coronavirus lockdown in the middle of March. We hope to resume the Theosophical Programme with new Talk titles and Texts for study from the end of September, 2020. Unfortunately, our planned 15th All Ireland Convention, theme ‘In the Footsteps of the Masters of the Wisdom,’ which was to have taken place in Dublin, weekend of 23rd May, also had to be cancelled as Dublin & hotels there were in lockdown. Phoenix Lodge, Dublin, & Belfast Lodge have been working very much in tandem.

During lockdown the Organising Secretary kept and is still keeping in touch with all the Irish members weekly, forwarding on Programmes and Newsletters from many Sections and countries abroad and also sending them uplifting extracts from Theosophical texts. Each member also received attachments, TS news worldwide and Study Notes. The main group are now receiving papers on ‘The Bhagavad Gita’. Other Groups on The Voice of the Silence’ and remaining members are receiving graduated notes covering the whole basis of Theosophy.

Belfast Lodge Meetings have been held on a Sunday and have comprised of short meditations, occasional Study Days and inspiring Talks given by our members. Study with discussion was taken from ‘The Ancient Wisdom’ by Annie Besant and ‘Theosophy As the Masters See it.’

Phoenix Lodge Meetings were held quarterly in a room at Buswell’s Hotel. All were well attended with Catherine Lenehan, Assistant Organising Secretary, in the chair, the usual format being a short led Meditation, a Talk by members and discussion.

A number of enquirers have discovered us through our theosophyireland website. Hopefully all enquirers will soon become members and enhance the ongoing work of the TS here in Ireland.

I wish to extend a heartfelt thank you to my fellow Officers of the Regional Association. I assure them of my deep and warm appreciation for their unfailing loyalty and support.

Without doubt, we have had a happy and inspiring Theosophical year, and in lieu of Meetings during lockdown, a number of members kept in touch weekly by telephone & e-mail.


Marie Harkness

Organisation Secretary of the TS in Ireland

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