2018 All Ireland Convention

The 12th All Ireland Convention took place in the Ailesbury Room, Clayton Hotel Ballsbridge, Dublin, on Saturday 9th, June 2018.

It was a great honour to have as our International Guest Speaker, Diana Dunningham Chapotin who delivered a charismatic, instructive and inspiring Talk/Presentation on ‘Theosophy in Action: Transform Ourselves, Transform the Planet’. There was a lovely atmosphere and a potent one in the hall that afternoon with members participating near the end of her Talk. This special event was well supported by members present from both Belfast and Phoenix Lodges, some local and others attending from across the length and breadth of Ireland.

Following a short Business Meeting, there followed the reading by the Organising Secretary and the Assistant Organising Secretary of numerous encouraging and warm Greetings from General and Organising Secretaries of twenty countries across the globe and from other individuals e.g. The International Secretary, Marja Artamaa, Bhupendra Vora, Bernice Croft and Chairman of the EFTS, thus creating a very special atmosphere and serving to remind us of our very special bond and real magnetic link with all TS members worldwide.

Following Refreshments, the Organising Secretary introduced our Guest speaker, Diana, who then delivered a charismatic and most inspiring Presentation on ‘Theosophy in Action: Transform Ourselves, Transform the Planet.’ This touched the hearts of all present.

She was very warmly thanked for having shared her wonderful Talk with us and was presented with an Irish memento by Catherine Lenehan, Assistant Organising Secretary.

Attention was drawn by the Organising Secretary to a container in which we in Belfast Lodge have been making our contributions during Meetings for the Theosophical Order of Service. Members at the Convention also gave most generously….the sum total realised hopefully will doubled by the American Association. This collection is intended for the TOS’s most urgent cause in the Philippines, to fully educate a disadvantaged child there and to augment the humanitarian work being carried on there by Vic Hao and others of the TOS.


Group photographs were then taken of the participants who attended the Convention. These are ear-marked for all members as a reminder of a truly inspiring occasion.


Small group photo beside the TS emblem and Charter


A Group photo taken at end of Convention day.

Group Photo

Catherine Lenehan, acting President of Phoenix Lodge, presenting Diana. our Guest Speaker, with an Irish memento.

We all felt a very special blessing and upliftment on the entire day’s activities.

After the reciting of The Theosophical Mantra, ‘O Hidden Life,’ all came to a close by 5.00pm. Everyone left the Convention Room feeling a close empathy with all present and on a Spiritual High.

Marie Harkness

Organising Secretary of the Theosophical Society in Ireland



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