2017 All Ireland Convention

The 12th All Ireland Convention took place at Clayton Hotel, Dublin on Saturday 27th May, 2018. The event was well supported with members hailing from the North and South of Ireland, from both Belfast and Phoenix Lodges.

It was a great honour and we were very pleased to have as our Guest Speaker, Gerard Brennan, a member of the Australian Section, who is also affiliated with the TS in Ireland. He delivered a charismatic and most inspiring Talk, augmented by PowerPoint symbolism, on ‘The Journey of the Wild Swans’, a topic that resonated deeply with the Irish psyche. The sense of oneness and lovely energy in the room during this occasion was palpable.

Before the Speaker’s Talk, we held a short Business Meeting which began with the lighting of the candle, of some Adyar incense and a few moment’s silence to attune and ask for guidance on the day’s activities. The Invocation by Annie Besant, ‘May Those who are the embodiment of Love Immortal’ was recited invoking blessing of The Holy Ones before beginning proceedings.

There followed the reading of all the numerous heart-warming and much appreciated Greetings, nineteen in all, from The International President, Tim Boyd, from the President of the Australian Section, Linda Oliveira, from the Chairperson of the European Federation, Kim-Dieu, from former Guest Speaker on a number of occasions, Bhupendra Vora, from Bernice Croft and from many dear Presidents, General Secretaries and Organising Secretaries across the globe. This created a very special atmosphere and served to remind us of our special bond and real magnetic link with our Theosophical brothers and sisters worldwide.

Fellow Officers were sincerely thanked for their continuous support and sterling work in both Belfast and Dublin Lodges.

The following Officers were elected and some re-elected: Organising Secretary, Marie Harkness (Belfast Lodge), Assistant Organising Secretary, Catherine Lenehan (Phoenix Lodge, Dublin) and All Ireland Treasurer, Paul Johnston (Belfast Lodge).


Following Refreshments and a chat, the Organising Secretary formally introduced our esteemed Guest Speaker, Gerard Brennan, who then proceeded with his amazing and most inspiring Talk. Following a brief question and answer session, Gerard was very warmly thanked for having shared his unique wisdom with us and was presented with an Irish memento by Paul, the Treasurer.

Group Photo

Before leaving, group photographs of those present were taken. We had all felt a very special blessing and upliftment on the entire day’s activities.

The day after the Convention, Catherine Lenehan and I accompanied Gerard to the ancient megalithic remains at Newgrange in Co. Louth. It was an amazing day with coffee breaks, picnic and also visits to Dowth and to the ancient Hill of Tara where all the Irish Kings were crowned. We were truly brought back in time surrounded by these ancient sites and artefacts.

The wonderful uplifting Convention and the happy day after, steeped in Irish history, were certainly etched in our memories.

Marie Harkness

Organising Secretary of the Theosophical Society in Ireland



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