2015 All Ireland Convention

The highlight each year for the Theosophical Society in Ireland is always the All Ireland Convention held in Dublin at the end of May or the beginning of June. Dublin seems to be the most convenient and well placed meeting centre for all the Theosophists throughout Ireland.

The 10th All Ireland Convention was held on Saturday 6th June 2015 in a Conference room at Bewley’s Hotel, Ballsbridge, Dublin. This proved a very blessed and uplifting event and the occasion was marked by a lovely harmonious atmosphere. Attending members hailed from the North and South of Ireland.

We were delighted and honoured to have Diana, Dunningham Chapotin as our esteemed Guest Speaker. The theme of the Convention was ‘Serving with the Eyes of Spirit, An Infinity Within to Give’.

Preceding the Talk by the Guest Speaker, we held the Annual Business Meeting following the lighting of Adyar incense, a candle and a few moment’s silence. The Officers elected for the next term are: Organising Secretary - Marie Harkness, Assistant Organising Secretary – Padraic Moore and Treasurer – Paul Johnston.

Greetings and messages of support received from The International President, Tim Boyd, the International Secretary, Marja Artamaa, General Secretaries, representatives from numerous countries across the globe and from dear friends were read out to all assembled and were greatly appreciated, serving to remind us of that magnetic link to each other through the common Theosophical cause and work we share.

Our Guest Speaker, Diana, delivered a truly inspiring and thought provoking Talk. She came over as a wonderful and most charismatic speaker and we all took her to our hearts. Following a few related questions and answers Diana was presented with Irish mementoes, a copy of the Book of Kells and an Irish linen and lace tray cloth.

We greatly hope that in the near future, she will visit us and share her wisdom with us again. It is also hoped that we in Ireland will become more involved with putting Theosophy into practice by supporting the much needed TOS work throughout the world.

Following friendly chat the members then said their warm goodbyes and departed for their journey homeward bringing the special energies with them.


Paul Johnston and Diana Dunnington Chapotin

Paul newly elected Treasurer present gifts to Diana, Guest Speaker

Diana, Paul and Marie

Diana, Paul the Treasurer and Marie the Organising Secretary



Some Attendees

Padraic Moore, Assistant Organising Secretary, Marie Harkness, Organising Secretary, Diana Chapotin, Guest Speaker and Paul Johnston, Treasurer


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